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What Are The Benefits Of Cleansing?

LET'S BE HONEST, while we strive to be healthy, even the best of us fall off the wagon from time to time. There are so many delicious temptations and it is too easy to eat the unwholesome foods or to have one too many cocktails on a night out. On top of that, much of our food has unwanted chemicals, fertilizers, preservatives (and goodness knows what else). On top of this, we are surrounded by medications, pain killers, air pollution, and a whole host of chemicals that come into contact with one of our largest organ systems, our skin.

These toxins build up in the body and can cause problems like digestive disorders, bloating, fatigue and lack of energy, waking up feeling tired and foggy instead of refreshed and revitalized, suffering from headaches, being emotionally unstable and stressed. Long term build up of these toxins are thought to be the cause of many degenerative and chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

A regular cleanse gives the body a chance to detox and reset by flushing out this build up of toxins, in turn helping to boost the immune system. A juice cleanse floods the body with vital vitamins and minerals, aiding the detox process and providing an abundance of nourishment for the body. It also gives you time to focus on yourself. Pamper and nourish yourself!

You will notice changes occurring, not only with the physical but the mental also. This kind of experience can be a challenge but it is so rewarding. It is a positive step in the right direction and will help you to make better choices in the future. You'll find new awareness into what you put into your body and how that makes you feel. It is the perfect way to reset your whole being. Inside and out. Coming out of our comfort zone is a great tool for healing and can create powerful change for the better.


  • Boosts energy and vitality

  • Heightens mental clarity

  • Elevates your mood

  • Reduces signs of aging

  • Sheds unwanted pounds

  • Clears the skin

  • Fuels body with nutrients

  • Flushes out toxins

  • Invigorates and stimulates digestion

  • Relieves bloating and discomfort

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Improves sleep

  • Increases energy levels

10 REASONS to Let Trilogy Support Your Juice Cleanse

1. At Trilogy in San Diego, we are dedicated to you and your health. We use 100% organic ingredients. Always. This means our juice is bursting with the highest and most absorbable nutrition. 

In our opinion, drinking a juice that is not organic is defeating the whole purpose. Non-organic produce has been found to have a much lower nutritional content. It is depleted of many important vitamins and minerals. The worst part: they are laced with GMOs and chemical pesticides. This will do far more harm than good! Detoxing with toxic vegetables simply does not work. Always choose 100% organic produce. These days, it is the only way. 

2. Our juices are not pasteurized. This means all nutrients, vitamins and enzymes are intact. The juice is live, raw and totally fresh. Pasteurizing (also known as HHP ) heats the product and kills all live enzymes. These enzymes aid with digestion and absorption. The Gerson institute, an organization where cancer is cured with raw juice, food and other non-toxic treatments, found that juice that had gone through the HHP process did not have the same healing effect compared with 100% raw organic juice. If it is HHP, it is simply not giving you the huge detoxing and healing benefits - cheer for raw juice cleansing!

3. We build our recipes with pure health and healing in mind. We do not overload them with sweet, high GI fruits and sugars. If you look at the franchises that offer smoothies and fresh juices you’d be surprised at the sugar content in the so-called healthy drinks with which people are replacing their meals.  If you have diabetic tendencies, any inflammation in your body, or perhaps yeast overgrowth or candida symptoms, you will want to steer clear of high sugar to avoid worsening your condition.

4. We offer a juice cleanse with vegetables only, reducing the sugar content substantially. We also have many low carb smoothie options and a low carb acai bowl.

5. We do our best to source from local farmers and believe in supporting the community. Your produce won't travel halfway around the world before it reaches you. We reduce our carbon footprint as often and as much as possible.

6. We package our juice cleanses in eco friendly packaging. Any plastic is PET. We avoid all dangerous chemicals. All of our containers are all recyclable. PLEASE RECYCLE! We offer glass bottles for reusing if requested!

7. We are a family owned business rooted in La Jolla, California with a love for Mother Earth and a passion for sharing our knowledge to help people find more balance and happiness in their lives. You vote with your dollar.

8. We are here to help! Leila is a qualified nutritional counselor and she along with supporting staff is available for advice and support throughout your cleansing process. Have any questions or concerns? We are very happy to help! We can create a tailor-made cleanse specially for you and to suit your individual needs!

9. We have a variety of cleanse options to suit everybody’s needs. For first timers we have a cleanse that includes one healthy raw salad, to ease you in! For the hardcore and more experienced cleansers out there, we have the Trilogy Warrior Cleanse with 6 vegetable only juices.

10. We pour so much LOVE and dedication into every single recipe and juice, it emanates out of the bottles and right into you! Trilogy Juice Cleanse will nourish your mind, body and soul.

Trilogy Cleanse Options

Trilogy Signature Juice Cleanse

The Trilogy Signature Cleanse is a juice-only fast and will require adequate preparation. This cleanse is designed to flush and remove built up toxins in the body, boost your immune system, stimulate and cleanse the digestive tract, and flood your body with an abundance of vitamins and minerals. You will feel light, energized, refreshed, rejuvenated, and restored. Being juice only, it is recommended that you are able to have some adequate rest during your cleanse in order to aid the detox process.

4 Detox cold-pressed juices
1 Cleanse cold-pressed juices
1 Radiant cold-pressed juice
1 Purify elixir
1 Aloe vera shot

Trilogy Low GI Cleanse

The Low GI Cleanse is lower in calories and sugar. This is for people who have experience in cleansing. It is also for people who need to watch their sugar intake. The low calorie content means that it is more intense than others. It is advised that you are able to take time out of your busy schedule in order to relax. Due to the lower sugar content, expect to have less energy during this cleanse but more energy afterwards. Once completed, your body will be totally reset and restored. Toxins will be flushed, and the body and mind will feel clear and pure.

6 Cleanse cold-pressed juices
1 Purify elixir
1 Aloe vera shot

Trilogy Cleanse Pricing

1 Day: $69
36 Hours: $99
3 Days: $199
5 Days: $333
7 Days: $459

Enrollments will close at 9 pm on Mondays with pick-up on Fridays at Trilogy Sanctuary. If the cleanse length is longer than one day, the following pick-ups will take place every other day (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday).

Once you register for the cleanse, you will receive a detailed email from a Trilogy Cleanse Expert with directions on administering the program properly. They will provide you with more information about your cleanse and answer any questions you may have along the way. Still have questions or just excited to cleanse away? Contact: