La jolla yoga | mind + Body + Spirit

Trilogy Sanctuary Yoga in La Jolla, California is home to a rooftop aerial yoga studio, 1,800 square foot indoor space with 16 aerial rigging points, state of the art infrared yoga (heated yoga), private meditation rooms, showers and much more! View our yoga Class Schedule for all class types, experience yoga workshops from global instructors and transform your life with vinyasa or aerial yoga teacher training in San Diego. 


Sky Deck

Trilogy's rooftop yoga deck is an outdoor space overlooking the rooftops and out to the ocean! It has overhead shade, and is absolutely beautiful. You will feel the fresh ocean breeze on your face as you practice! We have an Aerial Yoga rig for 8 students, or mat classes for 25 students.  

Moon Room // Infrared Yoga

Earth Room

Trilogy's Earth Room is where we hold our indoor aerial yoga and Lyra classes. We have a maximum of 16 aerial points. We hold a lot of events and workshops in the earth room. Our max capacity for mat classes in the earth room is 50 students. 

Moon Room

The Moon room is home to our Infrared panels. Most of our mat & vinyasa classes are held in here. The studio holds up to 30 students. Our Infrared classes are gently heated to between 80 and 85 degrees. The Infrared creates a gentle warming of the body. 

If you are looking for a more meaningful and fulfilling yoga practice, Trilogy is the place. We offer yoga as much more than simply as a form of exercise. Yoga is an opportunity to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Part of this growth is about being part of a community in San Diego, California.

Our yoga classes encourage a deeper connection within yourself and will help you on your personal journey, meeting you wherever you may be. We offer a whole spectrum of styles from gentle Yin to powerful vinyasa and upward to high-flying aerial.

With approximately 12 classes every day it will be natural for you to find the perfect class and commit to a regular and dedicated practice. With such a range of styles you will be constantly inspired, challenged and nourished.

No matter what you seek, with our wide-range of unique classes and inspiring teachers, you will find it at Trilogy in La Jolla, California.

At Trilogy, we are passionate about strengthening the connection between mind body and spirit. True happiness can only be achieved by balancing all three.