40 hour aerial Yoga Training: San Diego, California
Fall Training: October 24th - 28th
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Aerial Yoga La Jolla Training Highlights

Tuition: $1200. Only 12 spaces Available.
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The Aerial Yoga Teacher Training at Trilogy Sanctuary is a comprehensive, immersive, 40 hour intensive teacher training. Our San Diego aerial yoga studios include a beautiful rooftop yoga studio in La Jolla with ocean views and an indoor studio with 16 aerial rigging points. Trilogy Sanctuary also offers infrared yoga (heated yoga), private meditation rooms, showers, a vegan cafe and spiritual healing and counseling - so many holistic services to enhance your teacher training experience! View our La Jolla Area Guide for hotel accommodations if you are traveling to San Diego, California to become a certified aerial yoga teacher.

The mission of this Aerial Yoga Training is to provide each student with the foundation to teach skillfully with compassion, safety, and integrity while honoring his or her individual voice and style. The curriculum will guide you to integrate the hammock as a prop into your existing yoga or fitness teaching and personal practice. You will discover a new relationship with gravity, deepen your understanding of alignment, and enhance Pranic flow throughout the body. Trilogy’s aim is to fully integrate mind, body and spirit so our training will thoughtfully touch on how to guide your students towards a more mindful practice. Not only using aerial yoga for the many amazing physical benefits, but also using it as a tool for emotional growth and to deepen one's connection to their own practice and life’s journey. 

After graduating from our Aerial Yoga Training, you will have the skill and confidence to immediately teach your own well-sequenced, stimulating and creative Aerial Yoga classes. You’ll also belong to an authentic, conscious and vibrant community of fun, and sincere aerial yoga instructors from Trilogy Sanctuary Training.

Leila Dora founder of Trilogy Sanctuary along with Hannahsita Smyth and Brittany Johnson, both teachers at Trilogy – have created a complete Aerial Yoga curriculum, drawing on valuable knowledge they have discovered from many years of practicing and teaching. In addition to creativity from years of being aerial acrobatic performers. They have a combined experience of 20 years in the field of yoga, fitness and aerial arts. Their individual styles of teaching will inspire you to find your own creative and individual teaching style. 

Trilogy’s Aerial Yoga Training offers an incredibly comprehensive aerial yoga teacher training program at one of San Diego’s most desirable studio spaces in La Jolla, California! 

In addition, Trilogy Sanctuary leads Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training - perfect for yogis looking for opportunities to teach private yoga clients and at vinyasa yoga studios, or to deepen and transform their own yoga practice. 

Trilogy's Training happens on our sky deck and in our earth room. two stunning spaces !

Aerial Yoga Training offers the following modules

Theory and Practice of Aerial Yoga

Topics Include: Warming up and cooling down with the silk, standing postures (on the floor and in the silk), suspended inversions and flying poses, hand stands, back bends, forward bends, hip-openers, seated postures, restorative poses and flips and tricks.

You will be given the tools you need to create the following styles of class:

Healing Aerial Yoga – a more gentle and restorative approach.

Aerial Yoga level 1 – a well rounded class for beginner and intermediate students.

Aerial Yoga Fitness – a class with a focus on strength building in order to progress to higher level classes. 


 Opening warm-ups

 Creative sequencing

 Inventive transitions

 How to ‘read’ your students

 Hands on adjustments

 Inversions – Inversions – Inversions!

 Restorative postures

 Conditioning (strengthening for upper body and core)

 The benefits of practicing with silks

 The spiritual and emotional benefits of practice and poses.

 Practice-practice-practice teaching

 Safety techniques for rigging


Leila Dora, Hannahsita Smyth and Brittany Johnson, at Trilogy  created a complete Aerial Yoga curriculum, drawing on valuable knowledge they have discovered from many years of practicing and teaching along with creativity from years of being aerial acrobatic performers. The instructors have a combined experience of 15 years in the field of yoga, aerial yoga, fitness and aerial arts. Each style of teaching will inspire you to find your own creative and individual teaching style!  



Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Hannahsita was blessed to fall in love with the outdoors and be very active. As a kid, she played sports, but soccer became my passion and she played through grade school, high school and college. She was hooked into fitness and loved the accomplishments and failure of sports.

Hannahsita received a Bachelor of Education in Biology and a Minor in Health Education and Exercise Physiology. Certified Personal Trainer in Slow-Motion. Certified 300 hour Yoga Instructor at Core Power. Anti Gravity Yoga, Galaxy LifeStyle, Trilogy Sanctuary certified Aerial Yoga instructor. She has over 6 years of experience teaching yoga and aerial yoga classes.

Hannahsita works full time as COT at San Diego VA hospital. She spends the rest of my time teaching classes, running workshops and proudly lead Aerial teacher training programs! 



Leila’s interest in yoga sparked at a very young age with early memories of being intrigued by her mum standing on her head. Her curiosity for all aspects of yoga, physical and spiritual was kindled by the images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses displayed around her home as a child and she started practicing with her mum in her early teens, which further fueled the passion for this practice.

In 2010, Leila spent three months in India to delve deeper into this curiosity. During her time in India, she studied and trained to be a yoga instructor and was brought back to the roots of yoga; how it is actually a way of life, not just movements on a mat. Leila says “I feel that in the West we have come far away from the true meaning of Yoga. It has become just another way of getting fit and getting the body into shape. While finding harmony in the physical body is important in Yoga, creating it in the mind and spirit holds perhaps the greatest benefit. I am so grateful to have the opportunity of sharing the experience of yoga with others.” 

Leila has been teaching yoga since 2010 and aerial yoga since 2012.



Brittany Dolan’s aerial career began in 2009 with an intention to transform her inner voice into physical movement. Since then she has had the opportunity to perform various acts and apparatuses including fabric, hammock, spansets, Lyra, pyramid, cube, wheel, cloud swing, and fabric doubles. 

Brittany has performed at various venues and festivals around the world including Coachella, LIB, Electric Forest with her time with Lucent Dossier Experience. As well as individual acts with Mental Head Circus, Grammys, Emmy and Glitch Mob 2012 tour and perfomances at SeaWorld San Diego.

With an eye for technique, dynamic movement, and individual expression Brittany’s interest has evolved from performing to supporting aerial artists develop THEIR story in the air. Come explore your story while perfecting technique.

Aerial Yoga Training and tuition Includes

One aerial asana color manual with 70+ poses. This is a complete and comprehensive resource of aerial yoga poses adapted from classical yoga and modern aerial acrobatics.

Additional handouts for self-reflection, note taking and personal development.

Access to local Aerial meet up groups, and internet based forums to help inspire one another and continue learning after your training.

A certificate of completion from Trilogy Sanctuary, San Diego's most renown and reputable Aerial Yoga studio,

Free unlimited aerial yoga and mat yoga classes at Trilogy Sanctuary for one month before or after training.

Trilogy Sanctuary aerial trainees receive discounted rates for future Aerial workshops and trainings

Trainees have the opportunity to apply to be an aerial yoga teacher at Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla, and at future Trilogy locations worldwide.

Why Trilogy Sanctuary? Type of Certification? 

Trilogy Sanctuary is a yoga alliance certified studio. Yoga alliance certifies our 200 hour yoga program. Aerial yoga is currently an unregulated form of yoga and yoga alliance does not offer certification for aerial trainings. If the aerial training is part of a 300 hour extended yoga training then that is how it can be certified, it counts as a part of the complete 500 hour training. For a stand alone Aerial certification there are actually no governing bodies that give credentials of any kind to these types of trainings. 

When choosing a training, it is important to find a studio or program that is well known and has a high standard of teaching. There are many franchised programs that are very restrictive - taking a training with them means you can only teach at their franchised studios. Trilogy’s aerial certification is very well rounded and has no restrictions on what or where you can teach. It will give you the tools to teach a Level 1 aerial yoga class anywhere in the world. 

Trilogy Sanctuary is one of the leading Aerial Yoga studios in California so it is a highly recognized certification with very high standards. We only accept students who we feel will become competent teachers, which is one reason why we only accept those with a 200 hour yoga, pilates or PT certificate. We also require previous aerial yoga experience. Lastly, our training is one of the few trainings that gives you experience in teaching real students, in our community classes. This is an invaluable part of the training process and is essential to creating a good teacher.

If you do decide to choose us to certify you, we offer support from start to finish, to ensure that all of our students feel confident in teaching a safe class to all students.


Applicants must have a 200 hour yoga instructor certification (RYT), Personal Training certification (CPT), Massage Therapist certification (RMT), or Physical Therapist certification (PT).

Must have completed a minimum of 10 aerial yoga classes prior to the teacher training program start date.

Must be prepared to complete 10 contact hours at Trilogy Sanctuary within 1 month of the teacher training intensive. For those who are not local – please contact us to see if we can schedule your 10 hours straight after the training is complete.


Attendance of all immersion hours of training

10 contact hours (includes home study plus teaching a public class with students/co-teachers)

Adequate demonstration of knowledge in all areas of aerial yoga

Pass a completion exam 1 hour

To reserve your spot, a $400 non-refundable deposit is required

Please email for more information

NOTE: There is no official certification governing body like Yoga Alliance for aerial certification. Trilogy Sanctuary is one of the leading Aerial Yoga studios in North America so it is a highly recognized certification with very high standards. The training will give you the tools to teach a Level 1 aerial yoga class anywhere in the world! 


San Diego, California: 40 hour intensive from October 24th - 28th

40 Hour Intensive Includes:

30 contact hours of study time. 
Thursday 24th 6pm-10pm
Friday 25th 6pm-10pm
Saturday 26th 8am-5pm
Sunday 27th 8am-5pm
Monday 28th 6pm-10pm

5 hours of home study 
Assignments and projects will be given throughout the weekend
Must be completed by Friday 1st November

3 hours of class observation
To be scheduled between Sunday 27th Oct - Friday 1st November

2 hours of practice teaching 
To be scheduled between Sunday 27th Oct - Friday 1st November

Once all hours have been completed you will receive your certification. 


To apply for Trilogy's Aerial Yoga Teacher Training please fill out the form below and we can consider you for our next training !

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