Trilogy Sanctuary in San Diego, California offers a wide variety of services to heal, awaken and serve with Joe Caldera: spiritual counseling, intuitive & spiritual readings, energy healing and intuitive & spiritual classes - all done in the serenity of our rooftop office. Before or after your spiritual session enjoy a beautiful La Jolla ocean view, eat a refreshing organic and vegan cafe treat or just lounge on our couches to decompress and recharge.  


My approach and intention with spiritual counseling is to tune in and help you work through whatever energy may be affecting you. More questions are asked in a counseling session than during an intuitive reading in order to facilitate you finding your own answers. Processing in this space can be very powerful. Akin to walking out into the bright sunshine after being in a dark room, when one really begins to look within, the light is strong and your eyes may need a moment to adjust.

Once you settle into your light you can achieve clarity in the now from a place of full acceptance of all that you are. My goal is to empower you to self-heal. 




I provide hands-on and distance energy healing. Essentially, I work with healing guides and act as a channel. It feels amazingly good to provide healing this way due to the energy flowing through me on its way to you. Often during a healing I receive messages from your guides and will communicate them either during or after the healing. I also teach energy healing courses and hold a regular healing circle where you can give and receive energy healing within the group.


Teaching Spiritual and Intuitive or psychic development classes is like lighting a spark in people that warms the entire world...and I am witnessing the fire. We came here knowing how to do this and this makes my job easier as I just have to remind and support you in overcoming anything standing in the way of your truth, your true spirit, your soul and ultimately your life. The classes are trans-formative - the results are real and tangible.

All classes have three main components; Interpretation, lesson, and practice. Interpretation involves me tuning in and guiding you to your messages whether through meditation or dreamtime/astral travel. We then go over a lesson on skill development, spiritual philosophy, energy tools or perhaps emotional development.  Finally, we perform a practice, usually a message meditation, and review the experience to better understand yourself, your messages and your life path. I teach ongoing group and private classes.



I believe we are all intuitive and psychic. I have been doing this work for a long time and I love what I do. As a trained medium, I have refined these spiritual gifts and abilities. I use all of my senses to receive information from your spirit guides and loved ones. Along with the guidance you receive, I find that simply and truly connecting on this level is validating to the spirit. It feels good when you are truly seen. 

Perhaps you would call this a "spirit-to-spirit" hello.

For any questions or if you need help booking your appointment with Joe, please contact Imani: imani@trilogysanctuary.com