Trilogy Sanctuary Retreats


Trilogy Sanctuary hosts yoga, meditation, hiking, camping, and vegan cooking retreats locally in La Jolla, throughout the California shoreline & mountain ranges, and global retreats coming soon! Find a good retreat that fits your needs to nourish mind, body and spirt!  


Mt. Shasta Retreat w/ Joe Caldera
Dates:  August 2019 (TBD)

Come and join for a spiritually empowered journey in to the depths of your soul and the heart of Mount Shasta...reawaken your gifts, realign with your true purpose, heal and cleanse your body to enliven your spirit! 

This mini-retreat consists of a walking vortex class and tour of some sacred sites on Mount Shasta. We start by setting up camp high on the mountain and take in its majesty for the next three days as we meditate, hike, eat delicious organic vegan food catered by Trilogy Sanctuary, and drink from truly blessed springs while cultivating our energy together culminating with the full moon on our final day‚Ķoverall, a perfect place and experience to recharge. 

Joe Caldera, the co-founder of Trilogy Sanctuary will lead this amazing retreat who provides spiritual readings, healings and counseling services. 


Dates:  2019 (TBA)

Join the Trilogy Tribe into the dessert for rejuvenating experience….full details, pricing and staff coming early 2019!