Joe Caldera now of San Diego, California has had spiritual and psychic experiences since he was a young child. These ranged from receiving messages to experiencing visions of people and events before they happen. At first, Joe assumed this was something everyone could do easily since it came so naturally to him from an early age. While it is true that everyone is born capable of these spiritual gifts and abilities, many do not allow that part of themselves to open. 

It was around age nineteen when Joe started having clear, specific visions about future events. At first, he would experience this only a day or two in advance in dream states - they would always unfold exactly how he envisioned. After years of suppressing the curiosity sparked by these experiences, the journey to pursue his true purpose in this realm finally began.

This spiritual journey involved many avenues from yoga to Zen meditation, religious studies to metaphysics, and various healing modalities, all of which are incorporated into Joe’s practice today. After this self-exploration, he worked with a teacher in Florida who helped him more fully develop these gifts and has been involved with The Berkeley Psychic Institute on various levels. Now, Joe is a well-known San Diego spiritual healer providing spiritual readings, healing and counseling services in his La Jolla serene office nestled on the rooftop of Trilogy. 

Through practice and experience I’ve learned to control and work with my senses more fully. We all receive guidance, messages, or have special experiences...

My training has taught me to access the part of my mind that connects to this information on demand, in a meditative space. Experiences I never thought possible I now have regularly. There is more to life than we allow ourselves to perceive.
— Joe Caldera

Joe has been training and developing his spiritual gifts for fifteen years and offers guidance, counseling and training in San Diego for others to help them discover their authentic selves and life purpose.

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