Joe Caldera - Testimonials of Love & Appreciation  

When you first meet Joe, you get an immediate feeling of being seen, heard and understood. Like he’s looking right through you into your soul. His empathy and compassion are abundant and his insights are profound. I felt so at ease, able to open up without judgement and guided to my highest self.
— Whitney, San Diego

“Joe is one of the few people I have met that really comes from the heart. The first time I went to him I didn’t know what to expect and was amazed by his clarity and his presence, he is truly gifted. But what most impressed me is how grounded and down-to-earth he was and I really appreciate that in the healing world. He empowered me to “reactivate” the best version of myself which I had disconnected from in the stress of the last few years. Joe has the best intention not only for the individual sitting in front of him but for the evolution of our society, he can see the bigger picture and always seem to stay connected to it. He empowers us through his teachings to connect with our own intuition, our own guidance system, so that we don’t have to rely on him, and that is what true healers do…they show us the path and let us experience it. Thank you Joe for being such an amazing being!”

- Dr. Elise Dubois

"I was searching for a mediation and spiritual counselor back in 2010, while going through one of the toughest times of my life and was referred by several friends to Joe Caldera. I was new to mediation and was really wanting to focus on connection and finding my inner peace and strength. It’s been 4 years now that I have been seeing Joe, he has enriched my life and given me the tools to connect and support myself through spiritual meditation and has counseled me through my toughest times! I feel very blessed to have found him and I continually seek his advice and counsel. This experience is uplifting and Joe encourages and teaches all he knows to empower his student. He’s very supportive and I would recommend him 100%."

-Sarena Cowles, San Diego

Sometimes you don’t know how hard you’re holding on until you feel the sweet freedom and release of letting go. This has been my experience with Joe Caldera. He is a bright light & his heart emanates a sacred space for healing.
— Cindy Pineda, San Diego

“Working with Joe has had a great impact on my life. Not only has he been a spiritual teacher and healer, he has been a friend. With Joe’s support and guidance, I have grown to be a more balanced and peaceful individual. He creates a safe place to learn, connect, and grow in my spirituality. Joe is an incredibly gifted individual whose light positively affects all of those around him. “

-Abbey Snyder, San Diego

“Joe is incredible! What can you say about someone who has amazing insight and accuracy, illustrates profound spiritual wisdom and humility and personifies a deep abiding love and respect for the human spirit?

-Abbi Kemp, Photographer, London, UK

“Joe provides an inspirational and clear space channeling energy for personal and spiritual growth in each session I appreciate that he always gives me a choice on how I wish to receive that particular day hence I receive just what I need”

-Rhonda Grace, Instructor IPSB


"As our teacher, guide, mentor and most of all, our friend, Joe has always encouraged us to follow our path, strengthen our connection with The Source and to live in harmony with the Universe. So, if you long to let your spirit soar, honor your path or just to find your place in the Universe, then you have found a home where you will learn, grow and evolve while sojourning here on school house Earth. Let the journey begin!”

-Eric and Mercedes A., School Teacher and Founders Lascivious Grace, San Diego