San Diego Yoga Teacher tribe - Flow, Heal or Fly! 

Our La Jolla yoga teaching staff have a variety of beneficial offerings for San Diego yogis - alignment, spiritual, power, restorative, mindfulness, breath work, healing, meditation and much more! 

Read the following Trilogy Sanctuary yoga teacher bios and find what personality and yoga style (vinyasa, aerial, restorative) fit your needs, then book your yoga class on the mat or in the air! #TrilogyTribe

Leila Dora




Leila’s interest in yoga sparked at a very young age with early memories of being intrigued by her mum standing on her head. Her curiosity for all aspects of yoga, physical and spiritual was kindled by the images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses displayed around her home as a child and she started practicing with her mum in her early teens, which further fueled the passion for this practice.

In 2010, Leila spent three months in India to delve deeper into this curiosity. During her time in India, she studied and trained to be a yoga instructor and was brought back to the roots of yoga; how it is actually a way of life, not just movements on a mat. Leila says “I feel that in the West we have come far away from the true meaning of Yoga. It has become just another way of getting fit and getting the body into shape. While finding harmony in the physical body is important in Yoga, creating it in the mind and spirit holds perhaps the greatest benefit. I am so grateful to have the opportunity of sharing the experience of yoga with others.” 

Leila has been teaching yoga since 2010 and aerial yoga since 2012. 

Jonathan Old-Rowe


YOGA: Vinyasa

Fourteen years ago Jonathan began yoga in a teacher training as a practice initiated to quell my mind’s desires and addictions to pain and suffering. “I initially had no clue that the physical body, or my spirit was going to be something I could fall in love with.” 

Through Jonathan’s daily practice and much guidance, the links between breath, mind, body and unique spirit gave a heightened sense of the importance of love on all levels…for the individual self and all beings surrounding it. Yoga has become a big part of every aspect of his life and allows him to remain a thriving, productive being within our world. 

“It is my passion to give all my knowledge to those that seek so that I might be able to inspire them on their own path to their own unique truth within the collective whole. What our world is creating in the physical space is an example of what our intellect and spirits are capable of sustaining in all realms.” - Jon Old-Rowe

Karina Gerschler

YOGA: Aerial, Vinyasa

KKarina is a native San Diegan who started her yoga journey by taking her first Vinyasa class in 2003. With this practice she ventured down a spiritual path that transformed her from the inside out, which grew into the desire to share it with others. 

She is an E-RYT 200 that teaches a variety of styles such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative. Additional trainings include Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with David Swenson and Kelley Washington and is also a certified Aerial Yoga Instructor from Aerial Houston Yoga. With emphasis on breath she'll guide you through your class to arrive to a meditative space. Expect to find the full mind, body, and spiritual experience. Students should come with an open mind ready to try new things and push their boundaries in a safe and loving environment. Her gentle and playful nature is evident in the community she creates in her class!




Tah Groen

YOGA: Healing touch Vinyasa 

Tah has been involved with yoga for most of her life. She started practicing as a teenager after being inspired by a mentor to join a class at age sixteen. This sparked the yoga fire which has been burning ever since! After facing challenges of launching a sportswear line with her husband in the late 80’s and becoming a mother of two daughters, it was time for a healing change. 

It was a pivotal time of transition in her life as she realized the path that called her. She trusted in the age old adage, “do what you love” and this consistently echoed in her mind. “Do what you love” clearly meant to become a teacher and she watched as if by magic as the students came.

In 1996 working simultaneously within the health food industry as a reliable source for nutritional council and support, Tah’s yoga business grew. She was able to open one of the first yoga studios in La Jolla and Shakti Yoga was born.

Now a part of the Trilogy family, Tah teaches vinyasa, healing touch vinyasa and is one of the lead teachers of our Healing Touch Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (more info).

Heidi Johnson


Heidi enjoys the role of both student and teacher at Trilogy Sanctuary.  “I will always be a student in the realm of physical and internal growth. With over 30 years of experience in a variety of fitness styles my passion is still alive.” From aerobics, step classes, weight training, boot camp, spinning, triathlons, boxing, NIA (white belt certified 2001), and what ever else came along, Heida tried it. She fell hard for Pilates and certified in the late 1990's and again in 2002 when she completed the 500 hour program at Body Arts and Science (BASI), Newport California.  

In October 2014, after teaching Pilates in the La Jolla community for 17 years, Heidi stumbled upon Trilogy Sanctuary in need of a more routine healing and yoga practice, which she found within the movement of silk fabric and healing of aerial yoga. After multiple classes, she became certified in May 2015 with Galaxy Lifestyle and again at Trilogy Sanctuary early 2016.  "I now have the pleasure of blending my skills into the silk and further exploring the benefits of yoga and how it continues to transform me as a whole: Mind, body and spirit. My healing continues as I share my passion with others through the joy of teaching, laughing, and inspiring movement as a way of life." - Heidi

Paulette Madden

YOGA: Lyra

Paulette did her 200 hr RYT yoga certification in 2008 but her real yoga education has come through practicing with Liza Digaetano (of Garage Yoga) and Tim Miller (of the Ashtanga Yoga Center in Encinitas). Her practice and teaching style are largely influenced by ashtanga and tripsichore yoga. She holds a B.S. in kinesiology from San Diego State University with an emphasis in pre-physical therapy so she has an in depth understanding of anatomy and physiology. Along with a daily yoga practice, she takes advantage of living in beautiful San Diego by surfing, doing aerial arts (lyra and trapeze), cooking organic, vegan and raw foods and running her rambunctious golden retriever on the beach.

Kelly Mahoney



Kelly completed her 200hr teacher training simply in effort to find more balance (i.e. to create space for something other than her high stress corporate America gig). She got way more than she bargained for- more joy, more peace and a desire to share this journey of transformation with others.

Kelly teaches Lotus Flow which is a chakra based vinyasa that moves the body with the breath- attentive to healing and energizing the subtle body as the practice progresses from root to crown. Music that sparks the soul is her jam. Dharma themes threaded through the sequence provides focus for the practice and encourages self study on and off the mat. She lives for the way the breath moves the body, the way the body clears the mind and in that moment, all that's left is heart. Her goal is to hold space for students to turn inward and connect through the strength of heart that's in us all.

Kristi Kuttner


Kristi is a Yoga teacher E-RYT- 200, Reiki master teacher and energy coach. She specializes in Yin yoga and completed additional training in Yinki® yoga which combines yin yoga, Reiki and sound healing. She was trained under the top healers at the Tranquility School of Integrative Healing in Encinitas, California.

Yin yoga and Reiki have profoundly changed Kristi’s life by creating a sense of peace, well-being and self-connection. Many of her students agree, their lives are changed after trainings. Kristi teaches weekly group sessions at Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla.. Her classes will leave you feeling inspired, nurtured and full of life.

Kristi is founder of Sittin' Pretty Still, a local San Diego company that offers luxurious meditation and self-care products to enhance your daily practice, whether it be Yin yoga, Reiki, or meditation.

In Yinki® yoga, Kristi combines her passions within one class. You’ll enjoy a deep stretching Yin yoga class while getting bathed in Reiki energy healing and crystal bowl sound therapy. Kristi also offers private Reiki and energy coaching sessions for a more intimate healing experience and to connect to your higher self.

Heal yourself, heal the world.

“In every moment of my day, I radiate calmness and tranquility. I am still within

Josiah Batson

josiah batson

Yoga: Vinyasa

Josiah is a passionate yoga instructor, nutritional advisor and holistic chef, personal trainer, Thai masseur and the founder of Batsonbody. All of these elements infuses the BatsonBody lifestyle, a holistic philosophy rooted in Josiah’s belief that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Inspired by athleticism, his approach to teaching brings this ideal beyond the physical. “Meditation into athleticism” conveys the focus, strength, and vibrant energy of dynamic athleticism into all aspects of daily life. Vinyasa-style sequences inspire physical and spiritual awareness through well-balanced counteracting asanas, strong alignment, and powerful intention that transcends the yoga mat. This practice cultivates a spiritual athletic energy that permeates everything we do: a mindfulness suited equally for an ironman triathlon and the daily challenges of life. Each class is tailored to students’ skill levels and customized to heal chronic pain, injuries, and problem areas while building strength, flexibility, and focus. 

“My core focus is to impact the lives of students in a way that empowers them to achieve optimum physical and spiritual health. My work is my passion and I love and live what I teach.” -Josiah

Bryan Heil

YOGA: Vinyasa

Bryan fell in love with yoga in 2013 and has since fully committed to developing his practice. For him it is the ultimate form of individual expression. A journey inwards where physical awareness and spiritual enlightenment come together. Complete balance achieved through patience, discipline, focused breathing, concentration, and mindful movement. “The most important part of my practice is not the postures, but the intention I approach each one with. I want to give back to my students what my instructors have given to me; a safe environment to challenge themselves and to take their practice to the edge

Theena Thao

YOGA: Aerial Healing, vinyasa

After moving to San Diego in 2006, Theena became a certified yoga instructor and now teaches in the styles of vinyasa, hatha, yin and aerial yoga. Theena's humble journey on this path of self-discovery is evidenced in her classes where she shares her practice and seeks to create a loving and peaceful space for everyone's own unique journey of self-realization. She teaches from a place of mindfulness and specificity, encouraging students to breathe and move with awareness as a way to tap into clearer consciousness. Her classes are often slow and attentive as asanas connect to become one expression of mind, body and soul. 

Jessica Rubin

Yoga: Vinyasa, Aerial

While using yoga as a tool to help ease stress before her national figure skating competitions, Jessica quickly found her time on her mat to be her favorite part of every day. At the age of 16, she pursued her passion of teaching yoga. Jessica has participated in several teacher trainings and studied with world renowned yogis such as Ganga White, Rachel Brathen, and Deepak Chopra.

In addition to being a 500-RYT Vinyasa/Hatha instructor and Aerial Yoga Instructor, Jessica is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.  

Through creative flow sequences, fluid breath, and positive energy, Jessica strives to guide her students on their path to their highest self, encouraging self-love and creativity throughout each class.

Olivia Cecchettini


Olivia’s yoga journey began in 2003. As her practice deepened into a daily ritual she began to feel a healing and transformation occur in her life. This inspired her first steps towards teaching at which point she began to explore the intricate studies of yoga and spirituality. With over 450 hours of training Olivia is certified in Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative and most recently Aerial Yoga. Graduating with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology in 2010 she believes the mind, body, soul connection is a sacred one. Her classes are a safe space for students to begin to explore and expand within their own bodies and consciousness.

Jacqueline Witt


YOGA: Aerial, Aerial Pilates

Jacqueline was introduced to Triton Trouper Circus by her sister at the age of 8, and she has been hooked ever since. When it comes to circus disciplines, she’s done it all, but her favorites include Spanish web/Corde Lisse, Cloud-swing, Static and Double Trapeze, Agagio/Acrobalance and Tight Wire. In addition to her circus arts background she has received certification in Aerial Yoga and Aerialates in San Diego, CA to introduce a fun and challenging way to bring circus and fitness to adventurous individual.

Jacquie has taught and performed professionally with circus companies in Chicago and San Diego and is also an experienced choreographer. As Co-Captain of *Circus Now* San Diego, Jacquie is a liaison to connect circus arts, fitness and art to the community. She is a skilled fashion/costume designer and has created her own company, Jacomina Designs.

Pauline Villanueva


YOga: Vinyasa

Pauline first stumbled upon yoga in 2013, during a fundraising event for the New Children's Museum downtown, and immediately got hooked. Since then, yoga has been a passion which has changed her life. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in April of 2016. Her focus is on the accessibility and sustainability of a yoga practice, as well as exploring new things and having fun! She hopes to share her experience with others, in the hopes that they will find their own path and discover the same benefits from yoga. Off the mat, Pauline is an attorney who enjoys reading, drinking craft beer, and hanging with her cats.  



Lauren Robinson

Yoga: Vinyasa

Lauren Robinson, RTY-200, Reiki, and Myofascial Release Practitioner is dedicated to healing the mind, body, and soul through creative movement. 

Having completed her 200-hour Prana Vinyasa Yoga certification in Raleigh, NC she transitioned to the west coast and currently resides in San Diego, studying under global Prana Vinyasa teacher, Shiva Rea. Lauren is actively working towards her 500-hour certification where she has expanded her skills to include pre-natal and Yoga Trance Dance offerings.

"I was introduced to yoga during a particularly challenging time in my life and was in need of deep healing. I fell in love with Prana Vinyasa because it was unlike any yoga class I had ever been to. In Prana Vinyasa, the breath is intelligently sequenced with each movement, creating a truly transformational mind AND body experience. In the most positive was imaginable, yoga radically shifted my mental and physical health. I know in my heart that I'm meant to share this powerful practice with others."

Hannahsita Smyth



Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Hannahsita was blessed to fall in love with the outdoors and be very active. As a kid, she played sports, but soccer became her passion and she played through grade school, high school, and college. She was hooked into fitness and loved the accomplishments and failures of sports. Hannahsita received a Bachelor of Education in Biology and a Minor in Health Education and Exercise Physiology. Certified Personal Trainer in Slow-Motion. Certified 300 hour Yoga Instructor Core Power. Anti Gravity Yoga, Galaxy Lifestyle. Trilogy Sanctuary certified Aerial yoga Instructor. Hannahsita has over 6 years of experience teaching yoga and aerial yoga classes. She works full time as a COT for a private eye clinic in Poway, California. She spends the rest of her time teaching classes, running workshops, and proudly leading aerial teacher training programs.

“I have a purpose to serve. A mission to return a service back to this existence. I believe that our culture has become too soft and comfortable. And with great comfort we lose growth. We learn to limit our lives into a box, which allows little choice to be made. I am strongly passionate about a movement of people creating space in our bodies, minds, and environments through creative aerial yoga. With space in our bodies and minds, we have space open to choices to explore, expand, and evolve… By doing we create a new flow. We create new thinking. A new becoming.”

Teresa Shogren


I LOVE Circus! I have been training in Circus Arts for 4 years now. My first love for extreme sports began at the age of 2 when I took my first gymnastics class. At the age of 8, I went on to compete in gymnastics for 4 years. After I left gymnastics I felt very lost and like something was missing in my life and I found what I was looking for in the Aerial Arts. I first was introduced to the beauty and difficulty of aerials when I went to see Cirque Du Soleil's "Le Rev" and was amazed by the high flyers and the divers. That was something I could see myself doing and I longed to be apart of it. I immediately began to search for somewhere to train and I finally found some aerial classes in my hometown, South Lake Tahoe, at Tahoe Aerial Arts and I haven't looked back since. I trained every aerial class I could for my last year of high school before moving down to San Diego for college. I immediately began searching for studios to continue my training. My favorite circus arts are Aerial Hoop, Hand Balancing, Contortion, and Straps. My dreams and plans from here are to continue to make the impossible possible and to share my love for circus with the rest of the world. I want to share my knowledge of the circus arts in order to help others achieve athletic prowess through rigorous training. Also, I want to continue to inspire people to follow their dreams and that anything is possible as long as you keep pushing yourself to be better everyday.

Caileen Vermilyea


Caileen’s practice combines the wonder of a child with the knowledge of a doctor. Her aim is to encourage the depth of yoga and show that to strengthen the body is just the first step in an evolution of meaning. Her practice is a guided lesson in using the power of the breath as a tool to quiet the mind and to immerse the senses in an orchestra of awareness. She focuses on the tangible sensations of breath, generation of heat, and the pulse of blood and cranial fluid to all intuitively work together, invigorating and awakening the innate healing nature of the body. In her final years in Bastyr University’s Naturopathic Medical Program, her devotion to learning many forms of healing shines in her yoga practice and acts as an undercurrent of knowledge to guide the class. Celebrate yoga as a strong medicine to regain strength, confidence, and self love.

Fallon Lev

Yoga: Vinyasa

Fallon Lev was born and raised on the East Coast and moved to San Diego 10 years ago to pursue the art of living. At 32 years young, she has become a staple in both the yoga and acro community, creating an environment of self expression and authenticity that invites in an eclectic variety of individuals. Fallon has been teaching yoga full time in San Diego for the past three years and loves the freedom of expression and community at Trilogy Sanctuary.

Fallon leads a yearly 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training and teaches private yoga lessons in Ocean Beach, CA.

Magdalena Patterson

Yoga: Pre-Natal

Magdalena leads her classes with smile and open heart, inviting her students to relax and enjoy the journey. Her prenatal classes are a gentleand supportive exploration of the most precious time in a woman’s life. During her pregnancy, Magdalena found an even deeper love for yoga, connecting with the growing life within. She dedicated time to become certified as a prenatal yoga teacher. Magdalena loves teaching prenatal yoga, and she believes it is the most important time in a woman’s life to focus on the mental, emotional and physical benefits of yoga.

Throughout her decade-long career in the fitness industry, Magdalena worked at San Diego’s top health clubs as a personal trainer, group class instructor, and boot camp leader before starting her own personal training business in 2008. She has always been an avid yogi, practicing whenever she could. In 2009, she dedicated her time to expanding her practice and followed her passion for yoga by joining the La Jolla Yoga Center teacher training program. She has been teaching yoga since.

Magdalena has passion for travel and languages, she speaks five, including her native Czech. Her favorite thing is traveling with her husband and daughter, getting absorbed in local culture and exploring local cuisine.

Wes Gilmour

YOGA: Aerial

Wes began practicing yoga at a MMA gym in 2005 for helping with lower back pain.  He initially thought it was a great way to stretch after a workout but when he started to practice at different studios he noticed others aspects of his life changing.  His mental and physical body was evolving, with this came an insatiable need for more knowledge.  He started with completing a 200 hour RYT teacher training and continued to become certified in teaching Vinyasa, Hatha, Aerial and Stand up paddle board yoga.  Wes enjoys wrenching on cars in the meantime, finding it as a meditative practice in its own. 





Matt found yoga in 2012 by walking into a Baron Baptiste affiliated power yoga studio in Baltimore, MD. He has not stopped practicing and studying since. After 2 years of practicing and exploring a vast array of styles including Baptiste Power Yoga, Jivamukti, Yin, Ashtanga, Anusara, Iyengar, and Vinyasa yoga, he completed his 200 hour YTT with Amanda McCarroll and Carolina Vivas at Buddhi Yoga in La Jolla, CA.

Matt's classes are very dynamic while still stressing the importance of principles of alignment and a deep inner connection through the power of breath. Suitable for students of all levels and especially those with a desire to refine their practice.

Hannah Rae Block


In 2012 I began immersing myself in yoga, the practice became integral in my process of healing traumas and releasing former addictions. Inspired by the diversity and depth of the offerings, I enrolled in teacher training at Happy U Namaste and massage therapy training at ICOHS. I am currently enrolled in yoga therapy at Soul of Yoga. Let's meet :)

Troy Munsey


YOGA: Bheemashakti

Troy is a yoga nerd. He has studied under many teachers over the course of 14 years and has read countless books on the subject. Through this experience Troy has discovered that the best teacher is one's own experience. He subscribes to the ancient aspirant's method of self discovery through disciplined practice. 

Troy finds many benefits to yoga and ultimately believes it is up to each student to decide what it is they are seeking. Whether it's physical wellbeing or a deeper connection with God, each goal has a specific pathway that is suitable for each individual. As a teacher Troy strives to help each student discover what it is they are looking for and the quickest, most practical way of achieving this goal. 

The most influential experience in Troy's personal journey has been with his teachers Jonathan Patriarca (Bheemashakti Yoga School) and Master H.R. Suresh of Mysore, India. They both taught him that the ultimate yogic transformation is that of freedom. In order to attain this freedom one must understand what chains them. So through yogic practice this kind of revelation is possible and subsequently the knots may become untied. 

Typically the first barrier in personal transformation can be tackled in the body and Troy has deep experience in several methods to quickly address it. He teaches a variety of techniques (kriya, asana, vinyasa, mandala rhythm) to open these physical blockages along with breathing practices to energize the body. Once the body is in balance the focus can shift to matters of the mind, where meditation and pranayama become key.

Mandy Burstein 



Mandy Burstein is a yoga teacher, event designer, and writer based in La Jolla, California. Since 2010, Mandy has been teaching yoga full-time and hosting women's empowerment events like her signature Goddess Gatherings and spiritual self-discovery workshops. She has led 15 yoga retreats in Mexico and assisted with multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings, helping to mentor the next generation of teachers. 

Inspired by the ocean and pachamama, Mandy weaves the essence of nature and earth wisdom into all of her classes, leaving her students feeling lighter, more loving, and more connected to all beings. Through her special combination of vinyasa flow yoga, deep breath work and sound healing meditation, the mind, body, and spirit are guided into a perfectly balanced, blissful state. 

Mandy is most passionate about lovingly pushing people beyond their comfort zones to discover how strong, beautiful, and powerful they truly are. Whether traveling with her on a yoga retreat in the jungle, or right here at home on your yoga mat, you will see yourself in a new light and step back into the world ready to give and receive from a more empowered place.

Alec Hurley



My first experience with yoga was at the age of nine, but it wasn't until 2005 when I began to delve into more of the practice. I saw it as a great way to cultivate body awareness as it helped my surfing through dynamic strength, controlled breathing and flexibility. Over time, the practice deepened my subtle awareness and has kept me grounded while traveling and through the transitions of moving around the country. After moving to San Diego in 2013 my practice led me to the Soul Of Yoga's Hatha Yoga teacher training to gain a deeper understanding of yoga and how I could share it. I now use the principles from Raja Yoga as the foundation for teaching a grounding and richly satisfying class.

Lana Bolender


Lana’s connection with movement began at the age of 4 when she started gymnastics. After competing and training at the highest levels for many years, she turned to yoga to heal emotional and physicals wounds of the intense sport. At age 16, she walked into her first yoga class at the Jivamukti yoga studio in New York and fell in love with the practice. After moving to the Big Island Lana began her study of massage therapy and is now licensed in Hawaii and California. She has been passionately teaching acrobatics and hand-standing for the past 13 years. Lana has a deep love of teaching children to find their bodies and teaching adults to find their inner child.She find that their is no greater joy than helping others find comfort and freedom in their bodies.

Hailey Hofman-Miller



Hailey began her yoga journey in 2012 as one of her main healing modalities after a traumatic head injury. Personal transformation came from her practice of breath, movement, and meditation. Her vision for sharing this practice is to cultivate wholeness and contentment through a heart based yoga practice.

200 RYT Corepower SD Vinyasa Yoga || 200 RYT Urban Flow SF Bhakti Yoga || 40 RYT Trilogy Sanctuary Aerial Yoga

Rob Nguyen



Rob is an integrated wellness practitioner, specializing in yoga + movement, reiki, aromatherapy, and sound. With a childhood saturated in an abundance of palm readers, herbalists, and holistic practitioners, he carries on his family's lineage of intuition and light. He is inspired to service and heal his community through customizing waves of body positivity and awareness to unique bodies. By fostering compassion through expressive movement with intention, he aims to guide others in exploring a happiest and highest Self. 

Rob currently resides in San Diego and is passionate about cultivating balance among the layers of being (from the physical realm to the inner spirit). When he is not facilitating healing circles and teaching yoga, you can find him flower foraging and relaxing at nude beaches.




Tara Renelle



Tara has been an occupational therapist for nearly 10 years, and a registered yoga teacher for nearly 4 years.  She has taken numerous trainings in yoga, including Trilogy Sanctuary’s first Aerial Yoga teacher training in 2016.  She practices Aerial Hammock, Aerial Lyra, Partner Trapeze, and recently the Lollipop Lyra.  

Tara also has a dedicated daily practice in Ashtanga Yoga.  At Trilogy, she teaches adult Aerial Yoga as well as Youth Aerial Hammock classes, and loves to customize each class to the ability levels for everyone who attends.  She strives to help all participants feel successful and excited about trying something new in the fabric. 

Coryna Pido



Rachel is a lifelong student committed to the study and sharing of yoga. With nearly 4,000 hours of teaching experience spanning over the last 7 years across multiple cities within the United States and abroad, she has absorbed many teachings from various communities she has been involved with. Her studies and teachings have taken her to Costa Rica, she earned my first teacher training certification and first began teaching yoga full-time, Philadelphia, San Diego and Austin.

Although a vinyasa teacher by training, she does not confine herself to one style or definition of teaching. Rather, she draws upon my life’s experiences, both on and off the mat, to help students discover their own definition of Yoga. Rachel's vinyasa classes are inspired by her personal practice, one consisting of intelligently sequenced, creative movement and the process of patiently listening to her body. Whether she is teaching a restorative or vinyasa class, students can expect to find their focus, explore their strengths and weaknesses, laugh and feel well balanced.

She has studied extensively under the guidance of KPJAYI Authorized Level II teacher Liza DeGaitano at her private home-studio, first in the advanced Tripsichore style, and later Mysore Ashtanga Vinyasa. She was fortunate enough to earn a position assisting morning Mysore with Liza as her mentor to enhance my hand-on adjustment knowledge within the Ashtanga technique, and gain experience tailoring my approach on different bodies and abilities. While she has opened her mind to absorb from local teachers and their intuitive and learned knowledge, she has also studied with notable teachers Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor and Leslie Kaminoff.

When not teaching, Rachel loves eating avocados, listening to classic rock on vinyl a little too loud, exploring the wilderness no matter the season, and just trying to be a really good human being!

Julia Sparkman



Julia always jokes, she didn’t find yoga, yoga found her.  Julia’s practice began in 2007 after she serendipitously passed by a women's center advertising an 8-week hatha yoga course. Without much thought, she immediately signed-up! The classes where held in a basement - they used couch cushions as makeshift props. Julia did not realize how special and unique her experience was at the time. She is forever grateful for her humble introduction to a practice that forever changed her. 

Julia moved to Chicago in 2009 and that is where she fell deeply in love with yoga. In 2012, she received her 200HR Yoga Alliance certification and she began teaching public classes shortly thereafter.  In 2014, Julia became certified in Reiki Level Two and she now incorporates the profound benefits of healing touch in her classes.

As a teacher, Julia strives to constantly evolve. In class, she blends her powerful yogic transformation with her lifelong athleticism and her connection to music, storytelling, and the chakras. Julia guides each practice as an opportunity to move and be still, to be strong and soft, and to be authentic and genuine. 

Join Julia to Work In + Find Your Spark.

Maneli Jodat

eka pada.jpg


Maneli's yoga journey began in 2010 when she was facing a mysterious neurological disorder. Western medicine had not brought her any relief and she was curious about yoga. She started practicing with no expectation and found yoga to be surprisingly effective. It eliminated her symptoms, while providing additional emotional and spiritual benefits. Maneli was amazed at what yoga can offer by simply connecting her breath to her body, using her mat as a blank canvas. To deepen her practice and learn more about the science of yoga, Maneli completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 with no intention of teaching. As her practice continued to grow and deepen she began sharing the gift of yoga in 2013. After a few years of teaching Maneli was ready to go further in this life long journey and completed her 300 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in 2016, followed by a Kids Yoga Teacher Training and Yin Yoga Teacher Training in 2017.

Believing that asana practice is a tool, Maneli’s goal is to encourage her students to cultivate a deep sense of breath awareness first, to further deepen the physical practice of yoga, giving students possibilities to move in their practice with an attitude of balance between ease and effort. She believes yoga is a life long journey and that it can have a profound impact on other's lives just as it has had on hers, regardless of age or any physical limitation. Maneli teaches both adults and kids yoga and loving it.

Her mantra "Yoga is for Everyone"
Her mission "Sharing Yoga with Everyone" 

Amy Baack


YOGA: aerial & Vinyasa

Amy is a 200 YA RYT Yoga and Aerial Yoga instructor, with additional certifications in Advanced Aerial Yoga, Indoor Cycling, Barre, the Lagree method. She has taught since 2012 and is also a full-time fitness trainer throughout San Diego, social media specialist, and writer of the wellness blog Infinite Embers. She is passionate about helping others learn how to thrive in both their mental and physical health to be their highest selves. Her love of the body and health began after a crippling neck injury at the age of 25 forced her to quit her career in television writing to focus on healing full-time. Frustrated by the little help she got from doctors, Amy decided to learn as much as as she could about how to heal her body herself, naturally. Yoga and aerial yoga became her greatest tools, and beginning a regular practice taught her how to reverse injury and promote strength. Amy's classes have a strong emphasis on alignment, as well as mind-body connection, to help her students learn how to tap into their own strength and inner fire as well as a state of calm, or sukha ("ease").