Feb 13th - May 17th // HATHA-VINYASA
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Asana, Sequencing, Assists, Anatomy, History of Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Alignment, Pranayama.

~ Unlimited FREE Mat Yoga at Trilogy starting at enrollment and throughout the training! 
~ Tribe Mentorship Program: meetings during/post training for self-development, career guidance & teaching advice.
~ 10% OFF at Trilogy Cafe (organic + vegan) during yoga training hours! 
~ 200 hr Yoga Alliance Accreditation w/ 50+ extra hours with emphasis on Anatomy, Adjustments & Holistic Living

$500 non-refundable deposit
Purchase all required reading (TBA)
 Conversation and/or meeting w/ lead teachers via phone, online or in-person before payment & registration.
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Feb 13th - May 17th

Thursdays: 6 pm - 9: 30 pm
Saturdays:  8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Sundays: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

OFF: Saturday, March 28th & Sunday 29th
OFF: Sunday, April 12th
OFF: April 23rd, Sat, 25th & 26th

Trilogy is located in the heart of San Diego in downtown La Jolla which includes: a rooftop yoga studio {Sky Deck}, 1,800 square foot of indoor space with a state-of-the-art infrared yoga room {Moon Room},  larger studio with ocean views [Earth Room}, private showers, multiple restrooms and many more yoga amenities! 

Besides having a diverse mat yoga program, Trilogy is a vibrant wellness center which includes:- aerial yoga, rooftop vegan & organic cafe, spiritual counseling, naturopathic doctor, juice cleanses via cold-pressed juice, boho boutique & event venue! Trilogy aims to nourish the mind, body and spirit. 

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Early Bird Tier 1: Nov 29th ~ $2,475
Early Bird Tier 2: Dec 31st ~ $2,675
After January 1st ~ $2,875
*Unlimited free monthly mat yoga upon registration*

~ $500 non-refundable deposit ~ 
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Trilogy Leads & Module Experts

Trilogy Sanctuary yoga teacher training in San Diego is a comprehensive program and unique curriculum that goes beyond Yoga Alliance standards due to thousands of hours of teaching experience, numerous combined yoga certifications and unique perks such as a certified naturopathic doctor, physical therapist and vegan chef! Read bios below and if you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher, then please fill out the form at bottom! 

Gabrielle’s Teaching Schedule:  Pre-register to reserve class   Monday at 6 pm: Vinyasa Tuesday 9am Strength + Serenity  Thursday 11am Vinyasa (starts 6/13)  Always please check our yoga schedule .

Gabrielle’s Teaching Schedule: Pre-register to reserve class
Monday at 6 pm: Vinyasa
Tuesday 9am Strength + Serenity
Thursday 11am Vinyasa (starts 6/13)
Always please check our yoga schedule.


  • E-RYT 500 with yoga training certifications and continuing education degrees in India, Guatemala, Chicago and San Diego.

  • Lead facilitator of 6 yoga teacher trainings, intensives and yoga mentorship programs in San Diego, California.

  • Gabrielle has been teaching yoga full-time for 15+ years and owned her own donation based yoga school - devoted to and passion-filled about her yogic path.

Gabrielle’s belief is that yoga is limitless in its potential to transform and heal our lives. Her approach to teaching is holistic, intuitive, playful and therapeutic, in which she encourages students to turn inward to the constant fluctuations and transformations taking place with each breathe and recognizing that each time you step onto the space of your mat, you can begin again.

Gabrielle was born and raised in Chicago, where she was trained to be a professional ballerina, blessed to have her mother as her mentor for many years. It was this experience that set the stage for her affinity and passion for physical expression and artistry of movement.

Her life long dream and dedication to becoming a ballerina was intercepted by unfortunate injury. But, it was through this humbling life experience that she found yoga, which would forever change and heal her life, and her relationship to her physical body and mind.

After receiving a BA in Fine Arts and Communications from Loyola University of Chicago, Gabrielle’s free spirit lead her to many far away places like Hawaii, Europe, India, Morocco, where she lived, studied and trained for a number of years exploring the vast world of yoga and the healing arts. It was on this journey, she heard the calling and first realized she might just be...a teacher, like her Mother (something she denied for years)?!?!

These life experiences and a series of life altering events challenged, humbled and encouraged her to spread her wings and begin her own donation-based yoga school, Monarch Yoga Shala, in Chicago, IL. Founding a donation-based yoga school, was a dream, and through this dream, Gabrielle realized her potential to help and transform people's lives was endless. It was also during this time in her life, as a young mother and business owner that again life challenged her physically, and after a traumatic spine injury, was faced with the reality and challenge of rebuilding her relationship to her body. This new reality as well as several other injuries over time would give her priceless insight and influenced her to pursue a different path as a teacher, one which forced her to fully focus on the importance of bio mechanics and alignment. After doing a few online trainings with Sadie Nardidni and working at Catalyst Physical Therapy and Wellness as Yoga Director, her style of yoga is more "anatomy-enhanced," with attention to intuitive alignment.

Being raised by a strong-willed, free-spirited artist and force of nature, Gabrielle always envisioned doing something for women's empowerment. Circle + Rising is a women’s healing circle and collaboration of women empowering women which began as a dharma project that turned into a monthly gathering at yoga studios in San Diego.

Gabrielle teaches yoga daily at numerous studios in San Diego, leads yoga teacher trainings, facilitates workshops and hosts international retreats.

Her motto: play, love and fly fearless.


Hannah Rae Block

  • 500hr LMT, 300hr YT, 200hr E-RYT

  • Studied w/ Leslie Kaminoff, Tom Meyers, Joe Barnett, Leila Durga, Antonio Sausys, and Christopher Wallace.

  • Full-time instructor at numerous studios in San Diego.

In 2012 I began practicing yoga everyday, the practice has been healing to my traumas and addictions. I completed a 200 hour Hatha training at Happy U Namaste. In 2015 I began teaching yoga and enrolled at ICOHS where I studied 500 hours in Massage Therapy. Soon after finishing massage school Robin Christ offered a 100 hours of Anusara Elements Immersions where I studied yoga philosophy from the tantric perspective. The tantric approach to embrace and explore the daily life and engagement with the senses as means to enlightenment resonated with my own philosophical approach to life. I was energized to delve deeper into my studies and teaching of meditation and philosophy. 


Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is the founder and CEO of Catalyst Physical Therapy & Wellness, a San Diego industry leader in integrative medicine. His journey towards becoming a business owner began in graduate school as he discovered ways to challenge the theory taught in physical therapy to accelerate the healing process. This inquisition eventually led to innovation as he discovered a gift for healing the most difficult patients who failed when being treated through traditional methods of physical therapy.

Upon earning his Master’s in Physical Therapy (MPT) from Rockhurst University in 2006, he moved to California to pursue experience in the field of functional physical therapy. This form of therapy emphasizes the integration of static and dynamic testing to identify movement impairments known to inhibit optimum human performance. These impairments or “kinks” in the kinetic chain eventually lead to compensational patterns that break down the body and alter the mental state. Combining these assessments with a tailored interview of the psyche linked to the dysfunction, allows Brian to treat the body and the mind. This ultimately leads to a new level of motivation that enables people to grow beyond their prior level of function and become better than they ever knew possible.

When Brian is not in the clinic with patients, he can be found teaching and inspiring other professionals striving to become the best in the health and wellness industry. In 2016 and 2017, Brian taught and developed a clinical assessment and corrective exercise curriculum at Point Loma Nazarene University for the Masters of Kinesiology program. He is a certified APTA Clinical Instructor and enjoys giving back to the profession through mentoring young physical therapists, athletic trainers, coaches, yoga instructors and students eager to learn about anatomy, biomechanics and corrective exercise.

He is thrilled to now be a part of the Trilogy Yoga Teacher Training Academy working alongside his favorite teacher Gabrielle. He hopes to share his in-depth knowledge of Human Anatomy in a practical way allowing the students to enhance their personal practices and provide ideal experiences for their students and clients. He wants his students to understand that the strongest teachers are the ones that are able to adjust the poses to meet their student’s individual needs…this begins with understanding Anatomy.


Sita Rose

Based in San Diego, CA, Sita Rose is an expressive performer skilled at crafting melodic medicine derived from the heart. She draws from her experience as a board-certified music therapist, devotional singer, tantra and yoga practitioner to elevate consciousness and promote peace.

She offers one-on-one sessions, online group vocal coaching workshops, and performs live music for yoga classes. Her gypsy spirit has led her to study the ancient healing qualities of music throughout India, South America, and Jamaica. She is co-founder of Seed & Song and is passionate about fostering communities that empower individuals to live freely.

Josh Bladder.png

Josh Blatter

Josh Blatter is a Yoga and Meditation instructor in Encinitas, CA. Josh is best known for his understanding of the human body, subtle anatomy and Yoga therapy in concert with the ancient tradition to guide student into the heart of Yoga.

Josh believes that the root of the practice is our ability to bring the body, mind and breath into balance. Contributing and enhancing his teachings, Josh has attained multiple certificates in Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Corrective Exercise Specialist with the National Association of Sports Medicine, has extensively studied at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India, and has clinical experience working with doctors, chiropractors and naturopaths.



My first experience with yoga was at the age of nine, but it wasn't until 2005 when I began to delve into more of the practice. I saw it as a great way to cultivate body awareness as it helped my surfing through dynamic strength, controlled breathing and flexibility. 

Over time, the practice deepened my subtle awareness and has kept me grounded while traveling and through the transitions of moving around the country. After moving to San Diego in 2013 my practice led me to the Soul Of Yoga's Hatha Yoga teacher training to gain a deeper understanding of yoga and how I could share it. I now use the principles from Raja Yoga as the foundation for teaching a grounding and richly satisfying class.



Mandy Burstein is a yoga teacher, event designer, and writer based in La Jolla, California. Since 2010, Mandy has been teaching yoga full-time and hosting women's empowerment events like her signature Goddess Gatherings and spiritual self-discovery workshops. She has led 15 yoga retreats in Mexico and assisted with multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings, helping to mentor the next generation of teachers. 

Inspired by the ocean and pachamama, Mandy weaves the essence of nature and earth wisdom into all of her classes, leaving her students feeling lighter, more loving, and more connected to all beings. Through her special combination of vinyasa flow yoga, deep breath work and sound healing meditation, the mind, body, and spirit are guided into a perfectly balanced, blissful state. 

Mandy is most passionate about lovingly pushing people beyond their comfort zones to discover how strong, beautiful, and powerful they truly are. Whether traveling with her on a yoga retreat in the jungle, or right here at home on your yoga mat, you will see yourself in a new light and step back into the world ready to give and receive from a more empowered place.

John Beck.png


John is a Yoga teacher that teaches a practice through smiles and laughs. Started in 2012 as a teacher in Vinyasa and later studied in India to Receive his 500 hour in Hatha which is his favorite style other than Yin which he did an extension to learn and teach more. He found yoga in 2006 and later it helped him through practice and through AA to find sobriety.

He teaches from his heart only to help others find the teacher within themselves! He loves the yoga sutras and philosophy so expect some yoga philosophy jokes in his class.



Hana Pepin with over 5,000 hours of yoga teaching and education and has been hosting mala making workshops in San Diego for the past four years and started her business, Enchanted Strands 5 years ago creating custom Malas for her community.

Hana intends to share the art of beading and the ancient wisdom of mantra (chanting) to harmonize mind, body and spirit. To her the process of Mala Making is unique, meditative and inspiring, no piece is ever the same and each necklace carries a certain vibrations and intention. The stones aid to bring forth the power within an individual to align oneself with their purpose and meaning.

”Each bead is a seed of love to the flower of infinite wisdom and oneness that lies within us. The string is the universal self, existing in everything! The beads are you and I, the unique expressions of the whole. Together we grow in the garden of eternal bliss”.-Hana Pepin

Trilogy Guest speakers


Theses guest experts are not part of the Yoga Alliance certification, although an extra added bonus exclusively at Trilogy Sanctuary! 


Joe Caldera

Joe Caldera has had spiritual and psychic experiences since he was a young child. These ranged from receiving messages to experiencing visions of people and events before they happen. At first, Joe assumed this was something everyone could do easily since it came so naturally to him from an early age. While it is true that everyone is born capable of these spiritual gifts and abilities, many do not allow that part of themselves to open. 

At age nineteen Joe started having clear, specific visions about future events. At first, he would experience this only a day or two in advance in dream states - they would always unfold exactly how he envisioned. After years of suppressing the curiosity sparked by these experiences, the journey to pursue his true purpose in this realm finally began.

This spiritual journey involved many avenues from yoga to Zen meditation, religious studies to metaphysics, and various healing modalities, all of which are incorporated into Joe’s practice today. After this self-exploration, he worked with a teacher in Florida who helped him more fully develop these gifts and has been involved with The Berkeley Psychic Institute on various levels. Now, Joe is a well-known San Diego spiritual healer providing spiritual readings, healing and counseling services in his La Jolla serene office nestled on the rooftop of Trilogy. 


Leila Dora

Leila’s interest in yoga sparked at a very young age with early memories of being intrigued by her mum standing on her head. Her curiosity for all aspects of yoga, physical and spiritual was kindled by the images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses displayed around her home as a child and she started practicing with her mum in her early teens, which further fueled the passion for this practice.

In 2010, Leila spent three months in India to delve deeper into this curiosity. During her time in India, she studied and trained to be a yoga instructor and was brought back to the roots of yoga; how it is actually a way of life, not just movements on a mat. Leila says “I feel that in the West we have come far away from the true meaning of Yoga. It has become just another way of getting fit and getting the body into shape. While finding harmony in the physical body is important in Yoga, creating it in the mind and spirit holds perhaps the greatest benefit. I am so grateful to have the opportunity of sharing the experience of yoga with others.” 

Leila has been teaching yoga since 2010 and aerial yoga since 2012. 

Dr. Leah Trilogy-min.jpeg

Dr. Leah Gordon

Dr. Gordon is a naturopathic and functional medicine doctor and founder of Tribe Medicine--an integrative and holistically-minded medical practice partnering with Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla, CA.

She offers a unique and personalized approach to her client’s health, utilizing in-depth specialized medical testing and comprehensive intakes to uncover the root causes of suffering. Her own healing journey, paired with her rigorous medical training, has made her an expert in understanding the obstacles to healing in the areas of hormone balance, thyroid and adrenal conditions, gut health, anxiety and depression, and preconception and fertility care. Dr. Gordon is especially passionate about teaching and empowering our TRIBE to live healthier lives for the health of themselves, their children and future children, their communities, and our planet.


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“If you’re thinking of doing a teacher training, look no further than Trilogy! The experience I had during my 200 YTT offered me SO much more than what I expected. From the staff, to the group of yogis who sat alongside me— we cultivated a community of love, knowledge, acceptance and growth that will never be forgotten. I’d never been so eager to continue showing up and learning. Every part of this training was designed to help us delve deeper within ourselves and cultivate a fire to follow our passions. Best decision of my life!”

“The Trilogy YTT was a life changing experience for me. It exceeded my expectations and the community we built going through it together is something I will always be grateful for. I would do it all over again if I could!”

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