Trilogy Trifecta Pillars

Our THIRD birthday at Trilogy Sanctuary has arrived which is due to the THREE pillars of Trilogy who have created a loving, vibrant and healthy community! Get to know LEILA - Aerial Gypsy, JOE - Healer Guru and MICHAEL - Vegan Top Chef!

(1) What is the best compliment you have heard about Trilogy Sanctuary?

LEILA: The best compliments I have heard are that Trilogy has literally changed their life!

JOE:  Someone approached me after a busy day and mentioned how good they felt up here. How it felt different than any other place they’d ever been to and how they couldn’t quite put a word to it, but it just made them feel great. That’s when I knew in my heart we did it. I knew that it was all coming together - the food, the community, workshops, the movement practices.  That’s when the Sanctuary was born.

MICHAEL: Its always great to hear how plant based dining has helped so many individual lives. The best is when they talk about transformative is has been eating at Trilogy and how it has affected their overall health for the better. 

(2) What are your favorite items at the Trilogy Cafe, and/or class to take?

LEILA: I drink a lot of the cleanse juice - I love that it has no fruit, it is super nourishing and refreshing. For food, the Gaia Bowl is my fave, also I am also a cookie monster :) chocolate chip.  

JOE: Currently, I’m a little obsessed over our cold pressed juices and the brownie. The juices at Trilogy just make me feel great. Of course, they are cold pressed completely organic and they are also blessed every morning with positive intention by our resident juice master. To me that means a lot and I believe that kind of intention and energy gets passed from our food to us. The brownie simply put is addictive and healthy as it has no refined sugar, no gluten, and tastes divine.

MICHAEL: Right now it would definitely have to be our new Falafel Tacos that we have been doing on Friday nights! 

(3) What is your most memorable experience at Trilogy?

LEILA: Obviously - there have been SO MANY! But probably for me it was the first ever event we held, it was basically our Grand Opening Party, a Full Moon of July 2014 - the event was such a huge success, it blew my mind how many people showed up. On that day I absolutely knew, Trilogy was going to be a huge success. All the hard work, stress, blood and tears were all worth it in that moment!!! We DID IT!!!

JOE: I think it was walking out of my office on the deck and seeing 4 very talented people doing perfect handstands on the ledge of our 4 story building. I had mixed feeling of course. A part of me was really quite impressed with the whole thing then the responsible side of me asked them to please not risk their lives on Trilogy premises, definitely memorable. I love our community.

MICHAEL: Dance Medicines are always the most memorable, so many different energies coming in and out. There was one specific Dance Medicine that was so full and crowded, I stood back to appreciate how unique and beautiful Trilogy really was.  

(4) For the future, what is one thing you envision for Trilogy, can you tell us some top secret plans?

LEILA: Oh my...I have so many visions for Trilogy! One day there will be a Jungle Trilogy, with a beautiful yoga deck overlooking the luscious trees! A Trilogy in Bali in Europe....and one day a Trilogy boutique hotel! I want to create this wonderful vibrant community feel in many places around the world.

JOE: So much! TBA.

MICHAEL: Not sure exactly, but I do know we are open to every possibility. 

(5) What is a mantra or quote that you live by, that has had a positive impact on Trilogy?

LEILA: “Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

JOE: Begin where you are.

MICHAEL: I live by seizing the day. Life is a very fragile thing, its important to cherish every moment.