Eco-Friendly Gifts Under $10


Helping Your Loved Ones Live Sustainably

Hello friends! I hope you have been feeling aligned with your highest self, have been making time for the things you love, & using your re-usable straws like the eco warriors you are!

With it being the time of year where we consciously give to those around us, come together with many of our loved ones, and are more motivated to grow in new ways as the new year is around the corner, there is no better time than the present moment to incorporate more sustainable practices into your lifestyle and inspire your loved ones to do the same.

If you've been reading my previous blog posts, there is no doubt you already have a super sharp radar keeping tabs on how sustainable your lifestyle choices are. However, there are many people including friends and family members who are simply unaware of how simple decisions such as carrying around a re-usable straw or bringing their own to go cup to a coffee shop will make such a huge difference in the health of our planet and every species upon it.

It is so amazing that we as a generation are passionate and aware of the ways we can nurse our loving and oh so generous planet back to health. But as we hold this knowledge and understand our responsibility for caring for the Earth as individuals, we must know that it also up to us to show others how easy it is to make small, yet significant sustainable lifestyle changes and why these alterations are so important.

One way that you can instantly help your friends and loved ones reduce their carbon footprint and immerse in an Earth lovin' lifestyle is by gifting them the tools to do so! With all of the white elephant gift exchanges, holiday staff parties, and family gatherings you may be attending for the next few weeks, why not take the opportunity to add an inexpensive yet impactful eco conscious item into the gifts you are giving this holiday season?

For under $10 at Totem by Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jollal, you can add a fabric drawstring bag, re-usable straw, or a sustainable, compact, and extremely cute coconut bowl into any of your gifts this year. Gifting items such as these could mean that you helped prevent hundreds of plastic straws, single use produce bags, or plastic food containers from being dumped in landfills! Additionally, by gifting items that spark conversation, you've also gifted yourself the golden opportunity to share your love for living an eco conscious life with the people who are so close to your heart.

With love and compassion, 

Aya Chabayta || Totem Boutique Eco Warrior
President & Lead Teacher of Aya Art Co.