Create an Eco-Friendly Travel Toolbox with 5 Items!

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Many people are deterred from making shifts in their lives that are more Earth conscious due to the belief that being eco-friendly takes a lot of time and consistent work. However, do not be fooled! Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is extremely easy and efficient once you give yourself the proper tools to reduce your waste and take care of mother earth on the daily!

One thing that I do not leave the house without is my eco conscious toolbox, because I know 9/10 times I will need something from my kit while I’m on the go. I love this toolbox because it allows me to carry out my daily activities while simultaneously reducing my waste & inspiring others to make similar simple shifts in their habits!


All you need to create your own eco-conscious toolbox is:

1 - A fun bag to put all of your eco items in!

This also comes in handy when you accidentally forget your reusable grocery bags at home! If you like fun projects, you could decorate an old pillow case to be even more eco friendly!

2 - Reusable food containers (preferably made of sustainable materials such as glass or aluminum)

I love always having these on hand for whenever I get food to go or want to refrain from using plastic/styrofoam for leftovers after eating out!

3 - A refillable water bottle

Single use plastics are one of the main contenders to the ginormous plastic buildup on the planet. Bring your own water bottle with you wherever you go so you can take care of yourself and the planet simultaneously!

4 - A travel friendly silverware set

Eco-friendly silverware sets that are made of wood or bamboo are my personal favorite because they are extremely light and easy to clean! I got my set at Totem Boutique at Trilogy Sanctuary that even comes with a travel case!

5 - A reusable straw + straw cleaner

You can buy a reusable straw absolutely anywhere nowadays! With that being said, it’s incredible how many people are being inspired to opt out of single use plastics. Did you know that almost 8 billion straws pollute the Earth’s oceans on a yearly basis? Yikes!

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Totem Eco Warrior


*** If you’d like some extra love from our eco warrior tribe once your eco toolbox is complete, please post a picture on instagram and tag @totem_trilogy so we can support you being the eco warrior you were born to be! ***