A Bit On Societal Energetics

There is a faction of people creating the future of existence (heart) and a faction upholding this “future” (mind) after it has already passed. As the creative force emanates through the fringes of society, the other half scurries to legislate and structure a way to justify and game-ify these new ideas. One creates while the other upholds. One has moved onto the next thing while the other is angling to exploit an already dated concept. nothing is lost by one who is creating. If your existence remains fringe, you aren’t worried about losing structure in something. But if your existence has been structure, suffering is as predictable as the tide. Life may only be as creative as you think you are - if plan and plot is your method. But if you surrender to the winds of why not, your experience has no bounds. 

Now this being said, once a concept has been structured and is in place and widely accepted, the creatives will see their concept circle back around to rule them after it has been corporatized by the mind. One can rely on reaping what they sow but also reaping other peoples perception of their crop. 

Brett Littlewood

Brett Loves Living