The Lost & Found Brotherhood

The Grateful Young Traveler is a dear friend of mine - in fact so dear that we share genetics... He is my Brother and he has been out traveling the world with his lady friend (Nicole). Along the way he has been picking up quite a beautiful and blossoming perspective. He and I had been the best of friends growing up, so much so that we had lots of friends throughout the years tell us that they wish they could have such a loving and trusting relationship with their siblings. Over the years as we aged and dipped our toes into different ecosystems in order to explore our selfness'. We lost a bit of that deep (outwardly-expressed) love/bond. This in turn created more tension for the simple fact that the feeling of disconnect itself left us feeling alone. We had always been there - alone together. So to now be alone - all alone, was a new, scary undertaking. But into the fire must the iron go in hopes of becoming the blade it dreams to be. 

As time has crept on and we have chasmed our physical locations more and more, I believe our teenage rebellion from one another becomes more visible. We gave each other the nurturing of parents and friends as children and I believe that with any great relationship the rebellion is unavoidable. It is the hero's journey of two souls trying to unify their existences while keeping the individual in tact. From the birds eye view I can see we are boomeranging back to each other from great physical distance and wanting nothing more than to return to a place together of similar frequency. To share with each other how a BrettDayne (joke for insiders only :) exists in these socio-economic/cultural/preferential places. The one becomes the two in order to share difference and experience through the other. I am so happy for my first love. My brother has always made me fierce with motivation, jealousy and forced humility (even though he may have argument with that). I can't wait to reconvene over a beer and hear each other from the same plane - whenever it may be. Click the button to view his exploits and writings while he is away exploring the world for the rest of us. There aren't too many posts yet, but they are nourishing to my experience. 

Stay golden Boo!! "No matter how far away, whatever words I say... I will always love you."

Brett Littlewood

Brett Loves Living