Natural Hormone Balancing 

When we start to truly understand ourselves and our bodies, we realize how much we are intimately connected to nature. Through the natural medicine food and herbs provide, we can engage in a synergistic relationship with Earth's gifts to heal ourselves. 
Whether you have PMS, painful periods, irregular cycles, fertility issues, or even if you desire natural contraception, seed cycling is one form of natural medicine that can be helpful for you as you become more connected with your own internal rhythm and learn how it relates to the natural rhythms all around you. 
It's best to connect a seed cycling protocol with the lunar cycle, but it isn't necessary. Our bodies are meant to cycle with the moon, with ovulation happening during the full moon when the light is bright and our flow happening when the moon is dark. 
Join Dr. Gordon and a TRIBE of conscious women on July 26th from 6:00-7:30 pm for her Moon Medicine Workshop. Experience the community we need while you learn about the importance of the natural rhythms around us and within us, understand your menstrual cycle to a greater depth, learn how to connect it to the lunar rhythm, and how to bring your hormones back into balance using natural medicine and food.