Let the Fun Begin!!!

Wow, so it has almost been SIX MONTHS since I signed the lease on the property and we are still not open! I can’t believe it. If I had known the time it was going to take and the complications that would occur I might have reconsidered this whole project! What a ride it has been. But now I am here – and SO HAPPY to have gotten this far!! The last week or so I have gotten a little glimpse of what it will be like when we are FINALLY open! I have been in an huge empty space for six months now so it has been wonderful to have some people there with me!

One of our amazing Yoga Teachers, Gina, is a DJ, so she set up her decks on our movable bar and played a little mix.

We all got to enjoy some groovy and chilled beats while we shared some delicious food.

It was SO good to have a little glimpse of how lovely it is up on the terrace, meeting new people and generally hanging out.

Oh and this is our new super cozy corner...a giant mattress sprinkled with pillows! For all of those lazy afternoons.

These were some of the vegan treats we have been sampling the last few weeks…

Our PERFECT tacos!

Our Ginger and Adzuki bean spring rolls!

And our Bliss smoothie :)