Starting Point

Well, what can I say? Opening a business is NOT easy. That is for sure! We have come upon countless challenges. It has been a roller coaster of emotions...totally excited one minute, and then wondering what the heck I got myself into the next. 

This is a very big project, considering it is my first ever business! But hey – this is where I have ended up, so we will keep pushing on! Opening date of January was waaaay too optimistic, at the moment we are looking at the end of March!! YES, MARCH!! Can you all wait that long? I hope so.

I have been very very busy with permits and licenses and documents and POS systems and a lot of other boring behind the scenes stuff. I have also been busy painting the walls, breaking up pallets for our recycled pallet bar, designing logos, writing websites, making signs and all sorts of other very exciting stuff! It is coming along SLOWLY but SURELY!!