Are we in Pitaya HEAVEN?

Pitaya - I always get asked about Pitaya - what kind of fruit is it? Why is it so pink? Is that natural? Is it good for you...? Well - here are the answers. And along with those, a little slice of HEAVEN right from the Trilogy rooftop..... intrigued...? Well you should be! 

SO - What is Pitaya Anyway…?

Pitaya is also know as Dragon Fruit. In tropical and subtropical regions in South America and Asia, the dragon fruit flourishes and grows in abundance. Appropriately named, the dragon fruit’s outer skin is cactus-like, resembling that of the scales of a mythical dragon. Considered a cactus plant, its vibrant green and reddish-pink hues indicate that the fruit is full of nutrients, while the creamy white flesh spotted with black seeds gives way to many rich and natural properties.

Also known as pitaya, these fun-looking fruits contain around 60 calories each and are rich in vitamin C, B1, B2 and B3, and minerals such as iron, calcium, and phosphorus. And that’s not all. This is definitely one of the best “super fruits” out there.

Dragon fruit has an extremely low amount of cholesterol, which ultimately helps the body break down this fruit quickly, keeping you happy and healthy. It’s the perfect fruit to maintain your weight and satisfy your sweet tooth.

To clean up your digestive system, eat a dragon fruit. They have a high fiber content, which can assist with poor digestion and constipation. Eating the flesh and seeds, which contain good protein, will keep your body fortified and satisfied.

The high amount of fiber in dragon fruit can ultimately help regulate diabetes, as it can stabilize blood sugar levels by suppressing sugar spikes. However, with any dietary changes or modifications, always consult your doctor to make sure this is a good food for you.

Eating a dragon fruit with its rich antioxidants can keep the skin tight and young. You can even make a face mask using the fruit combined with honey as a natural alternative to anti-aging masks.

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So many of you ask us if Trilogy has a recipe book… and I am always sad to say that we don’t. SO - as a very special treat for you all I am going to give you one of our amazing superfood smoothie recipes so you can make it any time you like in the comfort of your own home!!!

Behold : Our most amazing smoothie creation: HEAVENLY

6 oz Almond Milk

2 oz coconut milk

1 small banana

5 - 6 frozen strawberries

1 packet of pitaya

1 medjool date

1 TB protein Powder (we use a mix of unsweetened, hemp, rice and pea protein)


1.5 TB Almond Butter

Sprinkle of cacao nibs on top


We call this smoothie : HEAVENLY. Because it is exactly that. Sweet, creamy, a little nutty, and oh so incredibly heavenly...... Mmmm....