Transcendental Receptivity Via Yoga Teacher Training

Tah Groen: I love to acknowledge synchronized moments when the layers that make up life become intertwined to deliver Transcendence. This happened for a group of complete strangers in a yoga Shala on top a roof in San Diego. In an epiphany of synchronicity, Healing Touch Vinyasa Yoga Trainees got to experience more, more than just yoga (yes they got all that too) but the more being the mind blowing experience of opening the bridge, the connection between man and universe.

"We are part of this universe; we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts, is that the universe is in us." Neil deGrasse Tyson

The feeling of effortless receptivity permeates the entire training not just for me but for everyone. The air surrounding our yoga circle is thick with spiritual support. A heavenly connection quite tangible empowers us. The magic begins. 

The atmosphere is highly charged a co-creative energy fully alive with possibilities. So we are not surprised when magic begins to happen, through out the training as beautiful synchronized  moments become the norm. 

Like finding in Iyengar's Light On Yoga book the exact pose we wanted the Sanskrit name for. A simple choice to slid with enough force our Yoga Bible across the circle to a trainee, who effortlessly (as she herself is in the dedicated pose) opens the book right on to the desired page. Not a fumble of a search but an absolute perfectly timed discovery. Yes we celebrate that. 

First Ceremony Night

First Ceremony Night

Silly but significant; by no planning on the part of myself end up wearing the exact same flowing purple shirts as Arati (our other lead teacher) and realize this has not been the first time. 

Or those morning sessions where we are gathered outside La Jolla Cove; an environment ripe for observing synchrony, as Mother Nature tends to amplify. The group basks in the sweetness of connection, circle time having become our go to - a comfort zone of sorts. It is here that we are fully engaged with each other, yet sense the comings and goings of a busy park. 

We are surrounded by gigantic waves crashing on all sides and realize the loudest blast of ocean and rocks coming together became in sync with the articulation of the words "crashing waves" as we were guided into meditation. Yes it was a big wave day and extremely high winter tides in late February. The echo of sacred timing undeniably heard by all. I take these moments and celebrate connectivity. 

It is even amazing to see the birds reaction to us, each day flocks of doves and seagulls circled above us. Such a rush of wings, flying fast, swooping low to come closer to our energy, not once but multiple times. In unison we all look up to acknowledge their presence, subtle as a wave, or the right page of a yoga book. Seemingly mundane moments becoming extraordinary, waiting to be celebrated.

Our group dynamic empowers this level of transformation, such a positive experience of exponential growth. We are all in this together; yet include each individual Soulful expansion as a reflection of vibration. It's the inner work that become the specifics of life, the contribution to the whole. 

A profound and powerful connection to divinely inspired manifestation, not only plays it's self out as a co creativeforce; but is realized individually as well. 


Trainees share their personal stories of spiritual transformation, the clarity of inspired action becoming the new normal. Pleasantly surprised that our process of learning has touched all areas in their lives. As we focus on alignment of body, mind and spirit our vibration raises to manifest more of the desired life into reality. 

Evident as material shifts become real, not with extreme effort but with the effortlessness of becoming the next logical step forward.

Simplified examples shared by our Trainees of their intentions made real, whether conscious or unconscious the minusiea of the experience is undoubtedly theirs... 

We have....

• long needed to happen breakups

• work promotions

• work bonuses becoming reality

• new opportunity to teach yoga classes

• newly created workshops

• Ideal living spaces revealed 

• supportive community bonds created

• career paths magically appear  

Our Graduation night

Our Graduation night