Push Reset: 2019 Spring Cleanse w/ Tribe Medicine

What would life look like if you were able to push RESET on your health and start fresh with a clean slate? Saying goodbye to brain fog, low energy, bloating, and just feeling “off” by taking a stand for yourself, your health and your well being to simply feel GOOD again?

Many patients come to me with a list of symptoms ranging from PMS to painful periods, weight gain, bloating, constipation, brain fog, fatigue and more. These symptoms, as hopeless as they may seem in the moment, are only messengers telling us something is imbalanced. Our bodies have a miraculous way of healing themselves and coming back into balance, they just need us to do our part in supporting them. Through my experience with patients and the successes we’ve had together, I’ve found the following to be the 3 most crucial steps in the journey toward healing:

  1. Choosing to eat whole foods, those that are real, not processed, and knowing the true difference in how they feel in your body;

  2. Eliminating toxins and ridding our bodies of all the agents that may be impacting us negatively without us even knowing;

  3. Developing habits to continue this way of clean eating & consistent cleansing as a sustainable lifestyle.

When we do this, our bodies respond positively and are allowed space to RESET. We gain clarity on what, if any, other root-causes may be contributing to our symptoms. We’re granted a “clean slate” and a very clear path to better living!

The following is a detailed look at the step-by-step process I’ve created for the Tribe RESET Program through which you can finally find answers to your questions of re-energizing, refreshing, and resetting your health for good!

Step #1: Whole Food RESET

The first step is a whole food RESET. We pull the most inflammatory foods and focus on real, nutrient-dense foods that have the least amount of processing and human manipulation. I see that the more a human touches and messes with a food, the more it makes us sick. For example, a real food form of soy, like edamame, can be processed into tofu, it can be processed by genetic modification, or further processed into soy additives found in processed foods. These iterations of food processing cause the original food to be so transformed that our bodies don’t even recognize it as food.

The more we can eat the real versions of food, the better we feel. I also see that many symptoms can be traced back to foods we typically label as “healthy” but that may be unsuspecting culprits to our issues. Any food can become problematic for any person; however, I see wheat, corn, some nuts such as peanuts, gluten-free alternatives, and dairy products (especially if using dairy as a main source of protein) to be major ones.

Step #2: Detox

Once we clean up the source and quality of our food with the Tribe RESET, the second step is ridding ourselves of the old, damaging toxins by way of detoxing. We combine lifestyle practices with specific foods and supplements targeting optimal detoxification in the body. Toxins build up over time and if not eliminated properly, wreak havoc on our bodies without us even knowing it! When we routinely clear them out, we can make way for our bodies to naturally heal and relieve many of our chronic issues.  

Step #3: Sustainability

One of my biggest passions as a doctor is teaching sustainability: how can we learn these new practices and continue them as a way of life? I often spend a lot of time in sessions with patients teaching them the what, when, where, why, and how of finding, cooking, and eating the best whole foods for themselves and their families. Now you have the opportunity to receive all of that guidance and education that my patients value so highly! I have seen firsthand how important this is and how needed it is in our busy, fast paced lives. Food should be medicine and a source of nourishment; not poison or something we leave at the end of our priority list. You have the power to choose to feel the way you want. How exciting is that!

Step 4: Results

Because so many of my patients feel amazing after doing this RESET (many have told me this process has literally changed their life), I felt called to share it with even more people! I have combined the Whole Food RESET with the Lifestyle DETOX AND the nutrition and food-prep education all into a two week Tribe RESET Program. And the best part is...  it’s all virtual! You can do it anywhere in the world with any day-to-day schedule.

At the end of this journey, you will feel confident in knowing the what and how to:

  1. Fuel your body in the best way

  2. Feel your absolute best

  3. Continue that feeling every day & take these principles into your life moving forward

  4. Create and commit to a sustainable lifestyle around healthy eating and cleansing

You will most likely feel the best you have ever felt. Say goodbye to brain fog, low energy, bloating, and feeling “off” and say hello to a new life feeling energized, refreshed, and reset--ready to claim your health and your life again!  

Click on the button below for additional information and for the link to sign up for the next Spring Cleaning Session March 23 - April 7th!

Can’t wait to cleanse and reset with you this spring!

Dr. Leah Gordon,


~ ~ ~


Dr. Gordon is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and the founder of Tribe Medicine--an integrative and holistically-minded medical practice located within Trilogy Sanctuary.

She offers a unique and personalized approach to helping her patients achieve their health goals. In addition to comprehensive intakes, she incorporates in-depth specialized laboratory testing to uncover the root causes of suffering and utilizes holistic treatment plans to guide her patients toward optimal health. Her own healing journey, paired with her rigorous medical training, has made her an expert in understanding the obstacles to healing in the areas of hormone balance and libido; thyroid, adrenal, and autoimmune conditions; digestive health; anxiety and depression; and preconception and fertility care. Dr. Gordon is especially passionate about teaching and empowering our TRIBE of women to live healthier lives for the health of themselves, their children and future children, their communities, and our planet.